Generation 1 Recap


Name: Alison Riche

Job: None

Husband: Charles Riche

Children: Anastasia Riche, Valentina Riche, Bailey Riche, Sammy Riche.

Traits: Bookworm, Loves outdoors, Good

Bonus: Traits: Collector

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Status: Dead

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Have one of the “Nature” aspirations
Do not get a job. You are to live off the land.
Grow a garden with every type of base game plant
Get married to a sim with the trait “Loves the Outdoors”, no woohoo before marriage
Have both a boy and girl, NO adoption

Master Garden Skill

Optional Objectives:
Have spouse master Fishing Skill
Catch every kind of fish

Generation 1 was a slow one it started off how you’d expect a girl dedicated to no woohoo till marriage. Thats right almost NO drama. Being a farmers girl and more dedicated to plants then people Alison wanted to live in the place with plants and no people, can you guess where?

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NEWCREST! Empty baren of life and the furthest thing from people she could find, not to mention she snatched up the biggest block of land there. Snatched it from no one. Of course though after that life for Alison was normal, for a plant obsessed sim. F A R M I N G. None stop farming, not to mention sleeping at random lots all the time. Her goal to get every plant in existence was strong. But then? She met someone, a guy who she could settle down with…

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Or that was his last name. To bad settling down involved him going on numerous camping dates at oasis springs park. However the outdoors was something Charles just loved so of course he had no problem with it when he would fish with her as she scavenged the lots one by one. To bad it took Charles YEARS before he thought he’d propose but it was worth it in the end… A stable couple zero drama and a growing farm what more could they want? KIDS.

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Look at them all grown up it brings tears to my eyes! But yes they had kids 3 girls and 1 boys. Funny though considering they where all twins, Anastasia and Valentina twin girls and Bailey and Sammy twins as well. I’m going to be honest these kids where a pain when they where toddlers, that or it had something to do with the glitch making there needs decay 2X FASTER. Luckily after years and years however the kids grew up and finally Alison completed her life long goal.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2019-12-20-at-8.29.50-pm.png

A really dang cool garden with as Alison had vowed, every plant you could collect in the game, minus the alien one…. She was about the earth life not the space life, dirt not stars for some bizarre reason. The garden finished now she spent the rest of her days with her loving husband until he sadly died. Causing drama to reign through the family and the end of Generation 1 was brought to a close while Generation 2’s heir travelled to the big city…

Side Note: Hey guys its me! Unknown person, thats a basic recap of Generation one I am currently working on a generation 2 however. I promise you not all the recaps will be that short this one just had so little to talk about as there where no siblings or parents or much drama at all. Also sorry for the lack of pictures 🙂 Im more of a writer when it comes to these things. Expect Generation 2 Really soon though!


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