The Riche Family

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My family the Riches are aiming to be my biggest sim family and complete the various sim challenges I deem interesting. My goal is to get through many of the challenges following just the Riches and have their legacy shape the sims world. I’m currently doing the differences in the family tree challenge. I have many hopes and dreams for what the family might become and of course I’ve had to make a family tree for them which you can check out… HERE! However as blogging is something I find interrupts gameplay every generation will have 1 recap! meaning an entire text filled with things the generation got up too before the next one came along. Other than that I really do hope you enjoy reading up on the Riches and the fun they’ll have 🙂


  • Differences in the Family Tree: On Going
  • The Decades Challenge: Coming Soon
  • The History Challenge: Coming soon
  • Taking Requests!

Current Generation: Gen 2 | Valentina Riche


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